"Unknown Landscapes" Abstract artwork by cuban artist Enrique Zaldivar

Unknown Landscapes (Series)
“Unknown landscapes” are landscapes that invented me, although they may have no basis in reality as well. Every day we face the unknown and ignorance, we have reached a great development in our world but there are still questions that have no answers, this works are dedicated to that. It is interesting to our comprehensive response to the unknown and as been and will be something present in humans. I think we will never be satisfied with our existence and want to change what we do not like this life will always be a promising adventure. This is not only limited to a philosophical speech, so I take a practical way in life.

The country where I was born (Cuba) is surrounded by sea, being an island, people develop a desire for the unknown and always the question arises lies beyond, it is a feeling that only comes from being there. I particularly love the adventure, travel to many places to paint and I like the idea of ​​knowing that awaits me. Being a painter also forces me to confront unfamiliar terrain. At least to me, the question is what keeps me alive.

I like to play between abstraction and figuration to cause ambiguity and doubt, some cases may touch the surreal, it is something that helps me to express my idea. Color is something present in my works. Intense color that produces light in itself, something that possibly inherited from the Cuban intense tropical light. Whenever I can avoid mix colors, it interests me that copper each work life, to enlighten, to cause the eye of the viewer.

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