"Unknown Landscapes" an exhibition of the Cuban artist Enrique Zaldivar

Attention!!! Art lovers, collectors, dealers, art galleries!
Are all invited to my personal exhibition ''Unknown Landscapes'' I will be presenting 16 paintings that I did in 2016 and 2017.
I will also be doing a performance in the opening, there will be live music and more surprises.
Do not miss it!!
If you are interested in buying original art, you can book any painting of this exhibition. Write us to enriquezaldivars@gmail.com and we will send you the catalog with the information.
Art is a great investment!

Exhibition Opening: February 18th 2017 at 7:00pm-9:00pm
Exhibition Duration: February 1st - April 30th
491 Middlesex Ave, Metuchen, NJ 08840

About the exhibition...
"Unknown landscapes" are paintings created by my own invention where I establish an exchange between the real and the surreal.
Every day we face ignorance and the unknown, and though we have reached a level of great development in our world, there are still questions that have no answers; these works are dedicated to those questions.
It is an interesting dilemma to our comprehensive response to the unknown and it is something that has been and will be something ever present in humans.

I think we will never be satisfied with our existence and will always want to change what we do not like. This life will always be a promising adventure. I do not only limit this to philosophical speech, but I take this as a practical way to live my life.

I was born in Cuba, a country that is surrounded by the sea.  Isolated on an island, people develop a desire for the unknown and always, the question arises, what lies beyond? It is a feeling that only comes from being there. These feeling have nurtured within me a love of adventure, particularly when I travel to different places to paint.  I like the idea of ​​knowing that adventure awaits me. Being a painter also forces me to confront unfamiliar terrain. At least for me, these questions are what keep me alive.

Landscapes are a constant in my paintings because in them I find all the lessons and metaphors in which to channel my ideas. The human figure is absent, but is present in the conceptual sense (actually very present) so it is not uncommon for me to be interested in reflecting philosophical and existential themes in my works.

I think Art opens doors to other worlds; I hope to fulfill this goal in each of my paintings.

Enrique Zaldivar

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