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Joy of motion. Exhibition of Cuban artist Enrique Zaldivar at the Barron Arts Center in New Jersey, Latin American art, Contemporary art

A solo show exhibition is a great opportunity to create a broader and more coherent discourse, where people can understand in a more heterogeneous ways that the artist transits. It is the best opportunity to see the greatest amount of works of an artist phisically.
"Joy of Motion" is a way of looking at the world, a world in movement, constantly changing. It is a celebration of life and the evolution of things. I am fascinated by the idea of ​​constant change in everything, even the most common and inert objects are subject to the vertiginous movement of the universe.
Life, death, and all the nuances between these two points, are the route that propitiates us all this movement. But absorbed in the everyday, we lose the ability to appreciate what surrounds us. Every moment is unique, what we see today, perhaps not tomorrow, and that moment will never return.
All matters to me. I could talk about complex issues, but I want to talk about flowers, trees, landscapes, color. I feel a gr…

Contemporary Cuban art, Abstract art, Colored pencil drawing by Enrique Zaldivar

"Bodies" (Series) Enrique Zaldivar Pencil drawing  16x20 in 2018