Artist Enrique Zaldivar exhibits his paintings in Trenton New Jersey

“Happy days” comes from my personal experience with nature, color and shapes over the last four years. 
I know that these arguments sound very topical and simplistic, and in fact they are. 
Through time I have stripped myself of theoretical ties, seeking a more primal feeling. 
I can go from figuration to abstraction and you can also see impressionism, pop art, etc.
Anything can arouse interest, influence my work and be a source of inspiration.
Maybe you will find pure colors, random and conscious brush stroke , rhythm, spontaneity, nature,
common objects, that's what my work is about.
Every day I enjoy art more, I do not have too many pretensions, just to be more pure and sincere. 
It is said that the human being seeks pleasure and avoids pain. 
Particularly I find a great realization in the fact of artistic creation, no matter what my feelings are. 
I am one of those who believes that art does not change the world, but does make changes to ourselves.