Happy Days: Artist Enrique Zaldivar exhibits his paintings in Trenton New Jersey

“Happy days” comes from my personal experience with nature, color and shapes over the last four years. 
I know that these arguments sound very topical and simplistic, and in fact they are. 
Through time I have stripped myself of theoretical ties, seeking a more primal feeling. Many times trying to express deep concepts, we lose ourselves in ramblings and make impossible the clarity of the message between the artwork and its observer. That is why it has been extremely refreshing for me to pay attention to my most everyday world and find countless reasons worthy of representing in my pieces. Anything can arouse interest and be a source of inspiration. 
In my pieces you may find pure colors, random and conscious brush stroke , rhythm, spontaneity, nature and common objects. Every day I enjoy art more, I do not have too many pretensions, just to be more pure and sincere. I can go from figuration to abstraction; anything can arouse interest, influence my work and be a source of inspiration. It is said that the human being seeks pleasure and avoids pain. Particularly I find a great realization in the fact of artistic creation, no matter what my feelings are. 
I am one of those who believes that art does not change the world, but does make changes to ourselves.